“AGORAPHOBIA” is the fear of embarrassment, and our collective is about overcoming this fear. Whenever I wear eccentric clothes, people tell me, “I could never pull that off,” and I always tell them that anyone can pull anything off, you just have to wear it confidently (shamelessly?) and people will accept it as “you.” I founded AGORAPHOBIA to help you become you. We’re not selling an image, we’re selling the potential for individuality. We’re not agoraphobic; our name is a reminder of what you may have been, but no longer are.

There’s an idea in feminist film theory (I studied film in undergrad, and this was my favorite class) that in order to change the status quo you must inject old forms with new meaning. I’ve handpicked designers and artists who do just that, who create new forms by contorting the old, so it is simultaneously novel and familiar. This is a more creative approach than simply discarding past aesthetics; the best designers make inventive things while still giving reverence to form, color, texture, and the human body. Their work does not disregard the human experience, it is intertwined in it.

I have collected (for the collective) designers who uphold that vision. This is not to say that they do not have visions of their own. AGORAPHOBIA designers approach their work uniquely in a variety of ways...through fabric manipulation, elegant draping, juxtaposition of textures, playing with gender fluidity and androgyny, inciting ambiguity, and more.

Maria and I, as founders, are so humbled to have found designers who experiment with, question, and invent new ways to [tastefully] tesselate masculinity and femininity into gender-ambiguous works that say more when synthesized together than either gender could say apart.

Collectively this is what makes us AGORAPHOBIA. Join the tribe. #untrending

All the best,
Ash + Maria

me (Ash)

Shelby (director of PR), Eames (mascot), and me.

trying on one of Genevieve's beautiful pieces