shop      mphvs

shop     mphvs

 shop      Jason Lingard

shop     Jason Lingard

 ^ anti fast-fashion, pro neo-goth.

unisex collection by NZ designer

jason lingard.

[shop his all black everything]

 shop      Anna Kim

shop     Anna Kim

 ^ menswear to wear in places that aren't DC.

is it masculine in its minimalism

or feminine in its elegance?

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 ^ straight outta paris.

pool-inspired prêt-à-porter

by weno studio

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 shop      Joseph Hollebon

shop     Joseph Hollebon

 ^ inspired by the japanese philosophy [wabi-sabi].

loose yet tailored sillouettes

by joseph hollebon.

[shop his androgynous menswear]

 shop       Eleftheria Stamati

shop      Eleftheria Stamati

 ^ geometry is timeless.

contemporary jewelry by eleftheria stamati

[exclusively on AGORAPHOBIA]


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